One day

One day my words won’t be enough
One day I’ll seek more than I offer myself
One day the world will give up
And that day is not today
But it will come
Oh it will
Codedgold is what I chose for myself
Not what the world called me
They called me a thief
They called her a whore
They called him a bastard
They said she was useless
His destruction they called her

Behind closed doors she was his motivation
To them she was nothing more of a spoilt notion

She was beautiful
Her mama told her
The mean girl called her ugly
She could not wait to show who she was
But they all misunderstood her intentions
She would knock at their doors
Sneers is all she got
But he saw more than they did
He saw right through her eyes
Her hope for change
Her determination to make
What was deigned impossible possible

She rises like an ocean
With all her might
They won’t notice if all they do is fight
Her sense of belonging
She’s not like us
She’s like them
They say
She’s not like us either she’s like them

Will you sit and wait for your neighbor to tell you that the ceiling of your house is red ?if you can already see more than its color
The ceiling is red
With unfinished touches at the edges to bring out the artist feel
Did they see that ?
Open your eyes
You’re the best you that can ever exist
Try hard to be you
Trying hard to be someone else
Is like forcing a lemon to be sweet
On its own effort 😁

She 😝

Her unsure eyes
Scared of what is ahead of her
Like one trying to decipher a code
Calm down 😐
It will be alright

Sister by day
Brother by night
You don’t get do you?
Neither do I
She’s just what I need when I need her

I give her no titles
None can describe the amazing person she is

Mama Africa
One would describe her
She has a vision for this our land
One day it will be the utopia she envisioned

Doesn’t seem real …try telling her it isn’t
Africa is her living a dream
What she wakes up to make better that’s her Africa
You worry about your dog who’s not jolly
She’s worried about children in the streets and their lost joy

A politician sits in a council
Preaching peace
In the morning
In the evening he hires goons to threaten his opponent

Bilach fights this injustice
Be bilach
Be Africa