She 😝

Her unsure eyes
Scared of what is ahead of her
Like one trying to decipher a code
Calm down šŸ˜
It will be alright

Sister by day
Brother by night
You don’t get do you?
Neither do I
She’s just what I need when I need her

I give her no titles
None can describe the amazing person she is

Mama Africa
One would describe her
She has a vision for this our land
One day it will be the utopia she envisioned

Doesn’t seem real …try telling her it isn’t
Africa is her living a dream
What she wakes up to make better that’s her Africa
You worry about your dog who’s not jolly
She’s worried about children in the streets and their lost joy

A politician sits in a council
Preaching peace
In the morning
In the evening he hires goons to threaten his opponent

Bilach fights this injustice
Be bilach
Be Africa

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